...is a man who takes his grooming seriously.

Trimming a beard

We offer a value-for-money beard trim service at Fossano And Co, complete with massaging using premium oils and combing. But for those times you cannot make it down here or you just insist on doing it yourself, we have some vital tips to help you:

  • If you’re going to trim your beard yourself, you’ll need the right tools. You will have to decide whether to trim using scissors or a beard trimmer.
  • If you decide to trim primarily with scissors, consider purchasing a pair of professional barber’s scissors.
  • When considering beard trimmers, a rechargeable cordless model might be a good choice.
  • You should also have a good wide-toothed comb. Optionally, for the mustache, you might want to have a fine-toothed comb. Some specialty stores sell small mustache combs.
  • A good-sized wall mirror is usually indispensable. You might also benefit from a magnifying mirror and possibly a three-way mirror.
  • Do not trim a wet beard or mustache. Wet hair is longer. When it dries you may find you’ve trimmed too much.
  • If you use a comb and scissors: Comb through the beard and cut the hair on the outside of the comb. It will take some practice to perfect this technique. It is better to err on the side of not cutting enough rather than cutting too much.
  • To help maintain a balance between the two sides of your face, you may find it useful to start near the ear on one side and trim down to the chin. Then repeat on the other side.
  • Beard trimmers almost always come with an adjustable and removable trimming guide. By adjusting the position of the trimming guide, you control how closely it will trim your beard. Refer to the instructions supplied with your trimmer for details. Until you’ve mastered the use of your trimmer, it is best to adjust the guide for a longer beard length setting at first.
  • To trim your mustache, first comb it straight down. Then use either the beard trimmer or scissors. Start in the middle and trim first towards one side of the mouth, then towards the other. Normally, you should not shave or trim the top of the mustache. It usually looks best if you let it grow all the way up to your nose.
  • After you’ve trimmed your beard and mustache, then you should maintain the shape of your beard. Use the beard trimmer with the adjustable trimming guide removed (be careful) to keep the neck line of your beard well-defined. Alternatively, you could carefully shave the lower portion of your neck to maintain the neck line of your beard.
  • Miscellaneous stray hairs can be removed with a trim razor. Plucking them is not recommended.

Keeping a beard clean

  • Just like your hair, wash and shampoo your beard regularly. A mild shampoo is easier on your skin.
  • After shampooing, you may use a conditioner. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. Failure to rinse sufficiently may result in flaking. Because beard hairs are so coarse, conditioners will have less effect on the beard than on the hair on your head. But a conditioner will still help make your beard feel softer.
  • Gently pat and wipe your beard dry with a towel. Blow drying is not really necessary and can be harsh on your skin.
  • Comb your beard and mustache with a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles. Optionally, you can finish up by using a brush
  • Dont forget...a good beard oil, softens and tames hairs to help you with your weekly maintenance. And they smell bloody good too!

We proudly use only luxury shave products and oils by the worlds leading companies; PRORASO as well as UPPERCUT and CAPTAIN FAWCETTS.

Consult us and we'll be happy to help you find the right product from our stock.


A black-and-white Fender Stratocaster guitar used by Kurt Cobain for the end-of-concert, instrument-destroying jams during Nirvana's final tour – specifically at the band's February 16th, 1994 gig in Rennes, France – has hit the auction block. The seller has posted the instrument on auction house Cooper Owen with a minimum required bid of £34,000 ($48,500). The Strat is projected to sell for upwards of $140,000.

"This is what I can say about the guitar Kurt Cobain gave me at the end of the 16th February 1994 show at Palais Omnisport, Rennes, France. I've been doing a lot of research about this guitar," the seller writes in his description of the item. "According to James 'Jim' Vincent, Kurt's guitar tech from Dec. 93 onwards, Kurt had five of these lefty black and white Strats, shipped by Fender specifically for the end-of-set jamming and destruction, as they were cheap and they were scared he would otherwise smash his new Mustangs."

The seller admits that the Stratocasters weren't used as actual instruments during the European tour – his research found that Cobain last used that type of guitar during the band's In Utero U.S. tour, most notably during the Live & Loud concert that was subsequently broadcast on MTV – they were the guitars subjected to the band's onstage annihilation at concert's end. He also doesn't specify how exactly he came in possession of the instrument.

As the seller also notes, two of the five Strats were irreparably destroyed, although the pieces were later sold by Vincent. One of the five guitars was unused, while two were smashed, repaired and still playable; of those two guitars, Vincent still has custody of one, and the other is in the Cooper Owen auction.

The guitar joins a batch of unique Cobain items to hit the auction block in recent months, including the frontman's green cardigan that he wore during the taping of MTV Unplugged in New York and a lock of his hair.

Also up for auction at Cooper Owen: A self-portrait John Lennon painted while in art college in 1958. The piece has set a minimum bid of £2,500,000, roughly $3.5 million. The auction for both the Cobain guitar and Lennon portrait ends May 20th.

Source: Rolling Stone & Cooper Owen 



Finding the right staff for our style of business can be a long-winded and arduous process. Its not only about training and skillset, but also fitting into a male dominated environment effortlessly as a part of our team. We work hard, but we know how to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously at the same time. To help speed up the decision making; we enlisted the help of agency; AUSTIN MIDNIGHT Creative to develop a series of advertisements, to promote via Instagram, online and print media (if needed). We feel they nailed it, in our typical tongue-in-cheek tone of voice!


This day last week, was damn amazing in the shop at Fossano & Co. Always sports fans; we screen a lot of ESPN's highlight reels each week. But this morning was a little different...Flea jammed out the US national anthem and Kobe Bryant played his final game for the LA Lakers, prior to retiring.

The in-house screen always provides plenty of entertainment, as we tend to our clients.

Photography: Brock Carpenter